Creating a killer Amazon listing involves more than just great images.
Having captivating titles, bullet points and descriptions are also a must.

Our writing team will create persuasive copy that converts and create sales.
By undertaking detailed competitor research, they will find relevant focus keywords which will then be woven into powerful titles, eye-catching bullet points and SEO optimised descriptions, which rank your products to the top of the Amazon search engine. 

Amazon announced that from July 22, 2019, they will begin to suppress listings that do not comply with category title requirements.

Amazon states that ASINs and listings that don’t meet their guidelines “result in poor customer experience.” Amazon’s focus will always be on their customers first, and this step helps Amazon’s algorithm better meet customer queries.

A good rule of thumb is to keep your title between 50 and 95 characters, but each category has its own guidelines, though Amazon would like your title to stay under 200 characters.

Keep in mind that most mobile titles truncate at 80 characters!

At GoMibby we tailor our copywriting services to be “Amazon Compliant”, therefore your titles will be optimized to these new guidelines.   

Bullet Points:
Only the first 1000 bytes (including spaces) of all five bullet points (in sum) are indexed for the Amazon search. Keywords after this limit are not considered.  We use a maximum of 200 bytes per bullet point.  This will result in full indexing (5 x 200 = 1000 bytes) and a good conversion rate.

Competitor Research

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