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Changes to Enhanced Brand Content.

We all know Amazon never stays still for long.  One of the newest changes you may notice in your Seller Central is a change to Enhanced Brand Content.  It has been merged with A+ Content which was previously only available to Vendors.

This article will explain some of the changes and how we can help you with your content.

The New Look Seller Central Dashboard

The EBC Dashboard has changed and now seems much more user friendly , all your EBC – A+ Pages can be viewed easily and filtered by language, content name, content type, content status or last modified date

New Modules

Some new modules are added and now adding images and content to some modules is compulsory. For instance, adding a logo is compulsory. There is  access to two new modules: Product Description Text and Standard Text. These two modules will help make the EBC page very informative and text-rich.   Remember that A+ Content is searchable but is not indexed by the Amazon algorithm, so while writing keyword rich descriptions within your A+ Content may not help your Amazon ranking, it IS indexed by Google, so you may well see some traffic being directed from Google search. 

No More Templates

With the new updates, Amazon has removed the restriction of  predefined templates. Previously to create EBC pages , all there was to do was pick a template, add images and content and it was good to go.
Gone are the  5 predefined templates and 1 customized template, Now there is just a standard customized template where brands will have to design their own layouts. This may cause confusion for some people.   

A+ Content Is Easy To Make Mobile Friendly.

You can easily preview your content for mobile devices. Once you add images and content and apply ASINs, you can preview your content for desktop AND mobile devices. Consider this a HUGE Hint from Amazon to optimize your content for mobile devices. 

A+ Content Design Tips:

Don’t Use Text on images

While text on your main images is recommended to help explain your products to viewers, it is a different story in A+ Content. Remember that A+ Content text is not indexed by Amazon but it’s still indexed by search engines like Google. So adding text outside images can actually improve your visibility and bring some outside traffic to your detail pages.

Make sure you use Alt text for every image

Many sellers forget that ALT Tags are an important tool for SEO.  Amazon allows 100 characters for each image.  Take advantage of these and always include the description of the image and a relevant keyword for your product. Again, while Amazon claims that they don’t use alt tags for SEO, they are indexed by Google and other search engines.

Be creative – but too “arty”

Remember that the object of your content is to sell your product.  While it can be tempting to add snazzy graphics and flowery copy.  Keep it fairly simple and make sure you use keyword rich copy but keep it readable. 
One creative thing you can do is to use a collage image. This can be a good way to add extra images while using just one module.

Let Us Create Your A+ Content

Creating A+ Content is a creative process and honestly, it’s not as easy as it looks. So why have the hassle of doing it all by yourself when you can work with GoMibby who can handle everything from image creation and copywriting.

We offer A+ Content services with or without Copywriting.

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