How Long Does A GoMibby Project Take?

This is probably THE most asked question we get here at GoMibby. The answer is “it depends” 🙂 There are a lot of “moving parts” on any given project and each part is reliant on a task being done previously. In saying all that, here is a rough breakdown of the process.

Day 1: We receive your order and get your project set up in our project management platform – TeamWork
The next step is up to you, the client. We have a detailed Image brief that needs to be completed, so we know what type of images you are expecting us to create. We have a number of questions we ask to get inside your head and help the photographer and designers create our amazing images to your satisfaction. We usually find this task takes 1-2 days.
On this day, you can ship your product to us so we are ready to go as soon as we receive it.

Day 4: Now we have your image brief, we can start sourcing stock images for your lifestyle and infographic shots. We ask you to approve these images before we can move forward.

Day 5: Your products should have arrived at the photographers by now, the image brief and stock images are completed and the photographer can take your studio shots. This process does depend on the volume of work we have, but generally, the shots are ready in 48 hours. In the meantime, the designers can begin some early preparation work for the project

Day 7 The studio shots are ready and the designers can get creating! Did you know that most 7 shot image stacks require approximately 30 hours of studio time? You can expect to receive the first draft of images in 3-5 days.

Day 10 or 11: The first draft is ready for you to make comments on. Each round of revisions takes roughly 24 hours, so the more precise instructions we get from you the easier it is for the designers to meet your expectations.

Day 13-18: You have fully approved your images and they ready for delivery. You will receive a dropbox link of your Amazon Ready images, along with the PSD Source files and Studio Images.

I hope this break down helps you understand the work that goes on behind the scenes at GoMibby. Remember our studio does not work weekends, so this timeline is working days.



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