Instructional Images

Does your product require assembly? Did you know that this can lead to the danger of bad reviews?  After all, your product could have the best features and benefits compared to your competition, but if your customers can’t work out how to put it together or use it, they will blame who?  Yep, YOU!

It only takes one or two bad reviews can seriously impact on your listing and make viewers think twice when making a buying decision. Even if you included instructions in your packaging they could get thrown out by accident or misplaced. To solve this problem you can turn one or two of your images into a short “instruction manual.”

Not all products will be suitable for this, but for simple everyday items, adding instructions to an image is a great hack to avoid unwanted customer complaints.

You can do this by creating multiple steps in bullets and having us to illustrate each step for you. These instructions can also be repurposed and used as an insert card in your packaging as well.



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