Photography Tips for Amazon Products

In today’s crowded world of online selling, all businesses are trying to usurp their competitors and market their products in front of prospective buyers.   To stay relevant and viable you need more than just a good product and competitive pricing.

Online viewers can make buying decisions in seconds, and it is often good product photographs that can make that crucial first impression.

With average conversion rates being between 1% and 4% it is critical that you show your product at its very best.

A good photographer will be able to capture your products to increase your sales and visibility.  They need to cover a number of issues:

Amazon Image Requirements

Amazon lists very specific technical guidelines for the product photographs to be approved.  Our team fully understands these requirements and follows them exactly. For example props, decorations or text which are not a part of the final product can be used for the hero image.
The secondary pictures can show the product in use and lifestyle pictures of the product in use. The other technicalities like file type, size, resolution etc are also taken care of by experts at the task!

High Resolution Quality Photos
While you might be able to take passable images with your mobile phone, a professional high end camera and studio lighting is ideal and gives the most impact by creating full high definition images The idea behind this is that the user should be able to see the finer details on scrolling over the picture in the amazon zoom display.

Product Styling and Lifestyle Images

Professional product images should highlight the usability of your product. By showing your product in use can help your buyer image how your product might fit into their life. A studio setting also has various props and tools for the secondary shots of the product in action.

Editing and Touch-ups

To create high quality images, our team will edit the studio images using professional photo editing software. This leads to a professional product shot, without any blemish.

Professional product photography not only gives you an edge over the competition but also gives the product the representation and treatment it deserves. Work with our experts and create the amazon product photography that your brand needs and watch your sales soar!

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