Project Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing GoMibby to undertake your project! 

Please review our standard terms and conditions before proceeding with your purchase. If you have any questions please feel free to contact by email on

CANCELLATION: Should the client decide to cancel the project after work has started but prior to concepts presented, GoMibby agrees to provide a list of hours worked and return any unused funds. If the client cancels after approvals of initial concepts but prior to production of final art, the entire deposit will serve as a kill fee and is non-refundable. 

TYPOS & ERRORS: As designers, we are responsible for the look of the project. The client is the subject matter expert and is responsible for the content. The Client will provide any and all FINAL copy as a Word .doc or Google doc at project start. GoMibby has documentation to assist with the information gathering process. A handwritten or scanned text will be rejected. We will make all efforts to review art for typographical errors (clients and ours) but the final responsibility for proofreading belongs to the client. 

COPYRIGHTS: We will transfer all rights to the final design selected upon payment in full. We only retain Authorship rights allowing us to display the final design in our portfolios for promotional purposes only. Sketches, workups, source files and any rejected concepts remain the rights of GoMibby unless expressly stated in the agreement for an additional cost. If you wish to purchase additional items such as PNG studio images or PSD design files, then please feel free to ask 

POSTAGE DESTINATION: GoMibby utilises studios in both Australia and Overseas to handle product photography. The location chosen for product photography will be determined by a number of factors. If for any reason you do not wish to have your product sent to a specific location, please let your project manager know the reason why and the design team can assess whether it will have any effect on the project. 

PRODUCT RETURNS: Should the Client require the product to be returned after the completion of your project, please supply GoMibby with a self-addressed reply paid postage satchel or box of the appropriate size.  To keep return costs down, we consolidate products to be returned to our office on a once a month basis.  Your products will be returned from our office address within a short time of use receiving your product back. 

PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY: Depending on the type of product, GoMibby may request that the Client send additional products or product packaging if there are any “in use” images being shot. Please ensure that you send only new, unopened products that are packed with care to prevent damage in transit. GoMibby takes no responsibility for products lost or damaged in transit, or that arrive in a condition unfit for photography. All products are professionally cleaned and prepared prior to photography to ensure the best possible quality images 


Project Setup (1 Day) 

Please allow 1 business day for GoMibby to process and set up your project. We manage all of our projects using Teamwork ( ). Once your project is set up, please communicate by using Teamwork. Learn how to get started with Teamwork 

by watching this video 

You will receive an invite from GoMibby to join your Teamwork project. 

Research (1-2 days) 

We Hold a Design Kickoff meeting. We review competitor pages. Sketches for Internal review. Locate stock images from Adobe Stock and Depositphotos 

At this point we also expect you to begin providing us with the relevant information requested from you in Teamwork. Any delays in providing this information may impact further upon the completion of your project on time 

Please Note: GoMibby provide a design brief for all clients to add us in understanding your requirements, product vision and likes/dislikes in regards to product imagery. It helps us understand your product and target market. It is compulsory for all clients to complete the brief in full. Failure to do so may result in delays to your project or additional costs. The design brief is used by our team to set up the studio images required for all projects. We can’t begin product photography until this brief is completed 

Photography & Culling (2-3 days) 

Once your product arrives at the photographer’s studio, it will be professionally prepared for photography. 

Photo Editing & Compositing (2-3 days) 

The initial design phase includes Clean-up, Resizing, Colour Correction and Compositing product photos with licensed stock images. 3D renderings, Text and/or Graphics added to gallery images as required. Generally, you will receive a link to preview and comment on your images 2-3 days after they have been sent to the design team by the studio. We use online platforms to allow you to review and comment on your images. 

Reviews & Revisions (3-5 days) 

We do not offer unlimited revisions however, we do want to ensure that you receive an offering that exceeds your expectations. With this in mind, we will work with you to provide up to one (1) major revision of the entire concept presented and up to three (3) minor revisions of each image. Please note that you must disclose to GoMibby on the first review of your images that overall the concept has not met your expectations. 

If upon reviewing your initial images you feel that the offering has not met your expectations, then please contact your project manager to discuss a redesign. 

Each round of minor revisions takes one business day to complete. Any major redesigns will take 2-3 days to complete. 


● Composite: A combination of two or more images to create a single image. For example, a licensed stock photo of fruits added to a photo of a food processor. 

● Lifestyle Shot: An image showing the product in context. For example, a Kitchen Appliance shown in a kitchen setting. Or a camping tent in an outdoor setting. 

● In-Use Shot: An image showing product in use. For example a dog leash on a dog. 

● Mockup: A digital rendering of a physical item. Most commonly packaging or label art made into a 3D rendering to show what the final item will look like. 

● Lens: Also called a bubble or inset image. These are smaller images inside of the main image used to call attention to features 

● Minor Revision: Editing minor elements such as stock image used, general layout, colours of text or graphics and copy used for text or headers 

● Major Revision: A complete redesign of the overall concept presented, including themes used, graphic styling, colour palettes and stock images. 


Ship to:  

PO Box 805
Moffat Beach  Qld 4551

*Note: It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the products arrive at our studio in a timely manner and in good condition. Make sure to ship products free of scratches or imperfections. Make sure to properly protect the samples with bubble wrap etc. If packaging is to be photographed, include 1 or 2 flat boxes or send us the art files and we can create a 3D rendering. 

Once your item has been sent, please provide us with …
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