Photoshop Source Files Source Files – $99

What are the Source Files’? These are the files that the design team created when completing your project. They are fully layered Photoshop (.psd) files.

Having these original files means you ( or another designer) can change your images easily.

You are free to do whatever you wish with these files. We will deliver them via DropBox along with your Amazon Ready Images


Flat Lay Images – $77

These are the same images which you have delivered ready for Amazon, but without text

This makes them useful for creating Facebook Ads, Carousel Ads and Slideshow Videos from.

Amazon Ready ImageFlat Lay Image


Product Returns – $20

As much as we would love to send your samples back at no charge, it is not feasible to do this. 🙁 We have a number of photographers and design studios, some of which are Australia based and some are overseas.

We send your products to the most suitable studio at our cost, but returns are expensive and may take some time.

If you would like your product returned, we can arrange this, but please note that we only arrange returns once a month or so.

If you choose to not have your product returned, we arrange for products to be sent to suitable charities. Many of your products end up in orphanages, hospitals and schools 🙂